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Game Theory and Ideas / Re: Game Idea for Fun and Education.
« Last post by GwynWynn on February 13, 2008, 12:53:48 AM »
I was thinking more real time game play with direct chat and such. That way you could taunt other players in an effort to delay their progress and such. The only limitation would be the availability of resources. In effect I have no real Idea how long a game would last, but I think a weekend marathon should be able to finish one game. I was also thinking of giving the losing players an opportunity to stay in a star port chat lounge and continue to interact with the other players.

That was the thought anyway.
GNE Library / Re: N00b here! I want to help.
« Last post by GwynWynn on February 13, 2008, 12:42:15 AM »
It took a bit of work but I got the SVN linked and GNE is installed.

I installed Cmake and the pre-compiled Win Binary for TortoiseSVN, and doxygen.
I then Configured the GNE SVN and used Cmake to config for MinGW.
Once I got the library locations right, this took some trial and error, I learned not to specify the boost directory itself instead I had to name the directory that contained the boost directory e.g. I have boost installed at c:\mingw\boost_1_34_1. The first time I set the boost path in Cmake I called out "c:\mingw\boost_1_34_1\boost" this is, as I found out, one directory too deep. All I had to do is reconfig Cmake to call out "c:\mingw\boost_1_34_1" and everything went smoothly from there on out.
I installed GNE into my MinGW /include and /lib directories for convenience.

Please note that in the file I made an error. I followed the commands literally.
I typed in mingw32-make to build
I typed make install (oops) msys crashed out to windows cmd.
I typed mingw32-make install and the files were copied correctly.
here is an excerpt of the file that caught me off guard
// begin clip
2.3 Installation -- MinGW

Using mingw32-make.exe, build the generated makefiles.

If you want to install, run:

make install

You can also prepend th...
// end clip

Now, it is late here and I must go to bed. I will post again once I have tested the install by compiling some examples. I will be following through the doxygen pages that built with GNE. ( that is sooooo cool! it looks cleaner than the Javadoc tool from sun.)
Game Theory and Ideas / Re: Game Idea for Fun and Education.
« Last post by Gillius on February 12, 2008, 08:12:11 PM »
That's a cool idea. I do remember when Tradewars was a big thing in the BBS days back in the mid 90s, but I never really played it so it's harder for me to relate to the story. The only game like that that I played seriously was crossroads of the elements, which was like LoRD (Legend of the Red Dragon), but... not.

While looking at the wikipedia page on the game to try to learn more about it I saw a link to this site:, looks like a web-based and graphical version.

What I'm wondering is on your game, is this a real-time version or is your vision that it works like the original, which if I remember correctly is more like an MMO where you take your turns for the day, but the game world persists and move on even after you log out, with games taking days or weeks?
Off-Topic Discussion / Re: 8th BME International 24-hour Programming Contest!
« Last post by challenge24 on February 12, 2008, 01:22:19 PM »
Dear Contestants!

Only 5 more days left to register! Join as soon as possible!

Challenge24 Team
Game Theory and Ideas / Game Idea for Fun and Education.
« Last post by GwynWynn on February 12, 2008, 12:57:58 AM »
In a time before Internet-time, I used to play a game on a BBS (Bulletin Board System) Door system. Tradewars 2002 is the name and it can be found on many telnet servers today. Today there is a grand feeling of nostalgia that comes over me when I log into one of these telnet games; be that as it may, I have an unrealized dream with regard to this game. I always wanted to see an updated version with 3D ship models and true multi-player capability. Please read over the game outline and post any suggestions / offers of assistance you may have. Thank you, and welcome to my obsession.

The plan:
Make a small system version (as in less than 100 star systems) that would be played in a risk/conquest style over a period of a couple of days.

Control the galaxy.

Movement requires fuel, fuel must be bought or mined. Control planets by colonizing them.

Start conditions:
Player is allotted a standard sum of credits; with which, he or she must buy a ship, armor, weapons, and fuel

Pilot your ship from the starting station, find a planet, install a Space Station and a seed colony. Repeat this until you win or run out of fuel. If you run out of fuel you can send a distress call and in 24 hrs real time the rescue team will jump to your location and refuel your ship if you have enough credits, or tow you to the start station where you can trade gear for fuel. If ever you cannot fuel your ship you lose. When a player looses any other may lay claim to the losers planets by docking with the Planet's Space Station. Game play continues until one person owns all planets or only one player remains. 

Client Interface:
Simple command line window for chatting and ship/station readouts with a viewer window and clickable command buttons.

Ships and Space Stations with 3D mouse scroll aspect control

Server Interface:
Receive and communicate simple commands to game logic and communicate strings between players in "open radio channel" style. Log all commands to server console std out. (optionally record to log file)

Data layer:
Flat-file Hierarchy
GNE Library / Re: N00b here! I want to help.
« Last post by Gillius on February 12, 2008, 12:07:49 AM »
You know, when I last worked on GNE I last stopped right before release. I actually almost forgot that the old GNE 0.70 that is public is Makefile-based and I'm surprised I didn't push myself harder. The old build system was built on makefiles and command line scripts for Windows, and it was 5 years ago and I don't even remember how it works.

If you are interested in helping, if you could, could you get the latest version from SVN and try out the new CMake build system? I would have to look into the documentation there and see if I did update that documentation. From what I can see, I have updated for the new system.

I'm curious to know what I actually left myself to do before release. The big goal I had in coming back to this was to make it a lot easier to build and work with, and make packages for it in other OS like Ubuntu. I even have a libgne.spec file that someone contributed via e-mail in March 2007 that I've been waiting to integrate, but I've never done any work with RPM before. I think GNE's been basically ready for another release for awhile but, ironically the biggest obstacle is that it's been so long since I've worked on it that not knowing what I had to clean up for release is holding that up.
GNE Library / N00b here! I want to help.
« Last post by GwynWynn on February 11, 2008, 09:23:18 PM »
I must begin with some background information:
I began coding in BASIC (Commodore Vic-20), mostly hobby books copying code to a tape drive. I have coded a few small applications, text only console, in C++. I have done a small amount of network programming in Java. I do most of my work on WinXP running on an older AMD chip (3000+ 32 bit). I have also worked with Slackware Linux. I run a FreeBSD box with Neverwinter Nights running a custom module, the server name is "Questworld_Tharbanm" (I wrote most of the custom scripts. My son wrote the rest.) I have an associates degree with a technical specialty of Computer Application Developer from Tacoma Community College.

I want to gain an in-depth understanding of multi-threaded network programming.
I want to contribute to a community project while I learn.
I want to assemble a team and develop a MMORPG space exploration and conquest game (this part may take a while.)

GNE work to date:
I installed and configured MinGW and MSYS. (tested the configuration with a Hello World)
I compiled and installed HawkNL 1.68 (tested the install with some of the sample code provided)
I copied the Boost 1.34.1 Library into C:\MinGW\Boost_1_34_1 (I did not test this lib at this point)
I unpacked GNE into my MinGW directory.
I added the Boost Directory to the LibPaths.mak file and commented out the Hawk lines.
I added my INCDIR and LIBDIR paths to the make file. figured this out after make failed on my first attempt.
I compiled and installed GNE 0.70 (no errors reported.)
I tried to compile exhello.cpp and the compiler spat errors about "GNE not a namespace."
I looked into my MinGW directory and found a strange directory "installgnelib"
I uninstalled GNE (the make uninstall seemed to work.)
I opened the make file and changed some lines by adding a / in front of gnelib. here is the content of my current GNE makefile.

//modified makefile begin.
all: makefile.os lib examples

.PHONY: all lib examples install clean veryclean uninstall

   @echo Run one of the fix* scripts to set up the makefile to your OS.

include LibPaths.mak
include makefile.os

lib: $(LIB_STATIC)

examples: $(EXAMPLES_DIR) lib $(EXAMPLE_EXE)

   $(AR) rs $@ $^

$(LIB_CPP_O): %.o: %.cpp
   $(CPP) -c -o $@ -MMD $(CPPFLAGS) $<

$(LIB_C_O): %.o: %.c
   $(CC) -c -o $@ -MMD $(CFLAGS) $<

   $(CPP) -o $@ $(LDFLAGS) $< $(EXAMPLE_LIBS)

$(EXAMPLE_O): %.o: %.cpp
   $(CPP) -c -o $@ $(CPPFLAGS) $<

-include $(DEPENDENCIES)


   $(MKDIR) $@


#added the include and lib paths


veryclean: clean
   $(RM) makefile.os $(EXAMPLE_EXE) $(LIB_STATIC)

install: $(LIB_STATIC)
   $(CP) $< $(LIBDIR)
   $(CP) include/gnelib.h $(INCDIR)
   -$(MKDIR) $(INCDIR)/gnelib                     #-$(MKDIR) $(INCDIR)gnelib
   $(CP) include/gnelib/*.h $(INCDIR)/gnelib #$(CP) include/gnelib/*.h $(INCDIR)gnelib

   $(RM) $(INCDIR)/gnelib.h    #$(RM) $(INCDIR)gnelib.h
   $(RM) $(INCDIR)/gnelib/*    #$(RM) $(INCDIR)gnelib/*
   $(RMDIR) $(INCDIR)/gnelib  #$(RMDIR) $(INCDIR)gnelib
//modified makefile end

I tried to compile the exhello example again. This time I get undefined reference errors on GNE::Console::* (replace * with every function name used in exhello.cpp)

Is there an option that I forgot? I have the .o file from the initial compilation of the lib.
I have studied the tutorial, and I think I understand it. However, I have been known to make mistakes, from time to time.
GNE Library / Re: A place to download GNE
« Last post by Gillius on February 11, 2008, 06:46:48 PM »
I've put up the files temporarily at
GNE Library / Re: A place to download GNE
« Last post by ShotgunNinja on February 11, 2008, 10:12:57 AM »
Oh, sorry, I'm on Windows temporarily, and either way, I'm at school. They blocked the command prompt to everyone except the school district administrator.
GNE Library / Re: A place to download GNE
« Last post by Gillius on February 08, 2008, 11:51:18 PM »
If you look on the GNE index page, do you see the Download section on that page? Can you use SVN to get the source? If you have more problems I can post up a temporary link.
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