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Programming Questions / Re: Effective tool for GDI memory leaks detection
« Last post by Gillius on June 19, 2009, 10:13:32 AM »
I'm not a Win32 expert, but I thought that all GDI resources are based on handles, so maybe a tool to detect handle leaks would work for that. I'm not sure what "run-time errors detection" means beyond what the operating system already does for you.
Programming Questions / Re: Play FLV directly from memory.
« Last post by Gillius on June 19, 2009, 10:12:19 AM »
I don't know how Flash or its player works from a developer integration perspective, but looking at it from purely a blackbox viewpoint, it seems to me that you should be able to implement it as an HTTP proxy. You can set up an embedded web server on some port at localhost, which services requests from Flash. So, you point flash at your localhost URL. Then your server program contacts the URL on the remote system that is encrypted. As it downloads data it decrypts it and forwards it to the local flash client. If you do it that way you can play files of unlimited size (because you don't have to buffer the entire file), and the client can start to play the file before it is all downloaded.

Ultimately, though, this sounds like a waste of time to do what I said, because this is what SSL (https) does for you. The SSL sends the video encrypted over the network and then decrypts it. Would it just be possible to have the remote URL serve the encrypted data simply as https?
Programming Questions / Play FLV directly from memory.
« Last post by Gomer on June 18, 2009, 11:45:20 PM »
I should develop a flash video player that plays FLV securely, i.e. it should be loaded from remote URL into memory, decrypted and loaded into the player. The problem is that the standard flash player activex is not able to play FLV from memory directly. Is it possible to avoid creating temp files?
Thank you!
Programming Questions / Effective tool for GDI memory leaks detection
« Last post by Gomer on June 18, 2009, 11:41:37 PM »

Would you advice me some effective tool for GDI memory leaks and run-time errors detection?
Off-Topic Discussion / How To Solve This Permutation?
« Last post by lucky7 on May 20, 2009, 08:40:20 AM »
Hi to all of you guys, Iím new hereÖ
May this thread fits on this section. A friend of mine gave me this enigma to do, written in excel but I canít attach .xls file here.

There are 10^20 possibilities of tables (Table1, Table 2, Table 3, Table 4, Table 5,...), with ten rows (row 0,1,2,......9) in each.
Inside each table is numbers 1 to 20, with its position lie on their certain rows.
Here I gave the example tables that have been filled in for 25 tables. By finding the patterns/ formulas, my friend asked me to extend the tables to fill in the blank tables 26,27,28,etc as given after Table 25.

If these tables are using permutation method, then how do you find the formula for its permutation?

Programming Questions / and.....
« Last post by sasha on April 20, 2009, 11:52:08 AM »
i have gotta 2 submit a gud project for my term dis yr....
da variuos suggestions dat i've got till now r tic-tac-yoe,gussin game,hangman,....
could u pls gimme sum of ur own suggestions...plsssssssss........
Programming Questions / thankz for ur suggestions....really appreciate ur help....
« Last post by sasha on April 20, 2009, 11:49:23 AM »
i'll try makin da required changes...
Programming Questions / Re: hello....
« Last post by Gillius on April 19, 2009, 12:26:12 PM »
It looks like to me the program would work as long as you purchased only 1 or two items (the program doesn't try to stop you from purchasing more), and as long as you don't purchase the same item twice. If you purchase any item more than once the old tally for that item is overwritten.

This is definitely not the way you would write a program like this, though. You really need to use a do or while loop instead of a goto, and you should keep the customer's choices in an array, vector, or list. These are things you should learn about next to do this program properly.
Programming Questions / Re: hello....
« Last post by Gillius on April 19, 2009, 12:16:24 PM »
Sasha, please keep this topic in the same thread. Below is the program you attached. I'm deleting the other 2 topics.

Code: [Select]
float b=1000;
void main()
float x,b,c,amount1,amount2,amount3,p,s,j;
float d,a,o,q,r,t,u,v,w,g,h;
int  m;
char choice;
char l,Y,y,N,n;
cout<<"\nwelcome 2 my grocery store!!!!";
cout<<"\nwould u like 2 see the items available for purchase(y/n)?";
cout<<"the items available are:";
cout<<"\nno."<<'\t'<<"item         "<<'\t'<<"quantity(b)(in grams)"<<'\t'<<"m.r.p(c)";
cout<<"\n---"<<'\t'<<"----         "<<'\t'<<"---------------------"<<'\t'<<"--------";
cout<<"\n1. "<<'\t'<<"urad dal     "<<'\t'<<"1000g                "<<'\t'<<"Rs.50.25";
cout<<"\n2. "<<'\t'<<"tur  dal     "<<'\t'<<"1000g                "<<'\t'<<"Rs.60.75";
cout<<"\n3. "<<'\t'<<"tea powder   "<<'\t'<<"1000g                "<<'\t'<<"Rs.200.0";
cout<<"\nwould you like 2 purchase any item?(y/n)";
cout<<"\nyou can purchase only two items( kindly press 'n' after purchasing two items";
cout<<"\nenter the no:of the item chosen by u";
cout<<"\nenter the amount of the item  u want to purchase";
cout<<"\nthe amount to be paid is:"<<amount1<<"\n";
else if(m==2)
cout<<"\nenter the amount of item ";
cout<<"\nthe amount 2 b paid is:"<<amount2<<"\n";
else if(m==3)
cout<<"\nenter the amount of item";
cout<<"\nthe amount 2 be paid is:"<<amount3<<"\n";
cout<<"\ndo u want 2 buy another item?";
goto m;
cout<<"\nplease wait.... ur bill is being calculated....";
cout<<"\nenter da no: of the  items u've bought in an order(enter 0 for the second item if u've bought only one item:";
cout<<"\nthe total bill is:"<<o;
else if(s==1&&j==1)
cout<<"\nthe total bill is:"<<p;
else if(s==1&&j==2)
cout<<"\nthe total bill is:"<<q;
else if(s==1&&j==3)
cout<<"\nthe total bill is:"<<r;
else if(s==2&&j==0)
cout<<"\nthe total bill is:"<<a;
else if(s==2&&j==1)
cout<<"\nthe total bill is:"<<t;
else if(s==2&&j==2)
cout<<"\nthe total bill is:"<<u;
else if(s==2&&j==3)
cout<<"\nthe total bill is:"<<v;
else if(s==3&&j==0)
cout<<"\nthe total bill is:"<<w;
else if(s==3&&j==1)
cout<<"\nthe total bill is:"<<g;
else if(s==3&&j==2)
cout<<"\nthe total bill is:"<<h;
else if(s==3&&j==3)
cout<<"\nthe total bill is:"<<d;

cout<<"\nplease pay the requested amount";
cout<<"\nthank you.please visit again";
else if(choice=='N'||choice=='n')
cout<<"\nthanks for visiting my store !!!";
else if(choice=='N'||choice=='n')
cout<<"\nthank you.kindly try purchasing the next time u visit the store!!!!!";
Programming Questions / Re: hello....
« Last post by Gillius on April 19, 2009, 12:05:57 PM »
I'm assuming that you are keeping their choices in a vector/array/list and then adding them up? You would need more than simple if/else to calculate that; you would need a loop as well. But, if you are looping and using an array make sure you aren't adding up uninitialized portions of that array or you wold get a "garbage value".

You can post the relevant portion of the code, if it is reasonably sized.
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