Author Topic: Looking forward to getting your help and expertise  (Read 4973 times)


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Looking forward to getting your help and expertise
« on: November 02, 2005, 06:00:34 PM »
I am teaching introductory level programming course using c/c++ to about 80 students. I have read most of your posts and found your responses to be very informative.

Here in the Philippines, our 2nd semester begins this first week of November.  I am considering creating a new forum for the students to post questions or generally discuss programming topics but on second thought, I don't want the added burden of maintaining/administering such site.

Thus I hope you will permit that I use this forum for c/c++ discussions and require everyone to create an account here.  It seems a convenient arrangement since this will drive traffic to the site (i hope they post sensible stuff) and we get an experienced c++ such as yourself to respond to some questions as you prefer.

Will that be acceptable?
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Looking forward to getting your help and expertise
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2005, 01:34:41 PM »
Sure, it sounds cool.  I don't do much "administering" of the board as once you've installed it kinda runs itself ;).

This, of course, is a public forum and anyone is allowed to register and post but I appreciate the question.  I have no problem with your class(es) using the forums here.  To keep things separated and on-topic, I could create some forum areas for you.  I can also make you a moderator of those areas (only) so that you may delete posts if a student does something like post something inappropriate or post answers to homeworks.  I read all of the posts that come into here (for now, as there aren't many), and I would answer questions as I have time.

Most of this goes probably without saying, but to be clear: What I will not do is be responsible for monitoring all posts myself in a timely manner to review for appropriate content (although I may delete things as I see them).  As the site is open for all to the Internet, anyone could post anything in the forum, so you should be aware that I can't be responsible for any content.  But these are the rules of any open forum ;).  Also I please ask that posts are made in English.

Let me know what you think, and then I will create some areas (please specify) and give you moderator permissions.  I'll probably create an area "Hosted Forums" or your school's name with sections like "Intro to Programming -- 2nd semester 2005" or something like that based on your suggestion and information about the name of your school, class etc.

As long as it stays reasonable I would love to have more people come and use the forums and the site.
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